The A to Z Guide to World Cooking

So you want to make a stab at Indonesian cooking, or maybe try a Maroccan or Ayurvedic dish without first having to buy those specialized cookery books? No problem at all! The A to Z Guide to World Cooking will give you reliable information, presented in an entertaining manner, on 100 of the most important national cooking traditions and styles, offering about 300 recipes into the bargain that you can try out for yourself.

This reference book presents culinary traditions and styles from around the globe. Its well-researched entries inform the reader about world cooking and typical dishes, from A as in Afghanistan to Z as in Zen cooking. It traces mutual influences, and explains eating habits and cooking styles that are typical of the various countries. Each entry provides a selection of recipes as well. The clear, alphabetical ordering and reference system makes this book easy to handle, a real user’s pleasure, and a browser’s delight. Its elegant design and Therese Schneider’s tasteful illustrations contribute to turn this volume into an unqualified aesthetic success.

Cooking Styles

Ayurvedic · Brain Food · Cajun · Low Cholesterol · Diabetes Diet · Protein Diet · Ethno Cooking · Fast Food · Fusion · Gluten Free · Kneipp · Kosher · Herbal · Creole · Cretan Diet · Macrobiotic · Nouvelle Cuisine · Pacific Rim · Raw Fruit & Vegetable Diet · Tex Mex · Hay Diet · Vital Diet · Vitamin Diet · Vegan · Vegetarian · Wholefood · Zen

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Further information

  • Gourmand World Cookbook Award 2008
  • A reference book to national cooking traditions with 300 recipes
  • All rights available.

Rose Marie Donhauser

Born in 1959, Rose Marie Donhauser, grew up in a Bavarian country inn. After training as a cook at the Munich Hilton and the Brussels Hyatt Regency she became a food and beverage manager. Since 1988 she has worked as a writer of cookery books, a food journalist and a restaurant tester.

Therese Schneider

Therese Schneider, born in 1963, first trained as a bookbinder before attending art colleges at Halle and Berlin. She now works as a freelance graphic artist and lives in Berlin.

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