La cucina mia!

Larissa Bertonasco, illustrator of La cucina verde, has a heart for all passionate cooks thus she sat down and created a bright, elegant and at the same time eminently convenient recipe journal. This charming premium quality journal is a gem in every kitchen and a perfect gift anyway.

The journal’s convenient size and elegant paper offer ample room to write down recipes and whatever else may come to mind. It contains 8 coloured sections for the owner to personalize. In addition there are pages for culinary notes, ie. the addresses of favourite restaurants, or the likes and dislike of guestes and friends etc. And of course there is an elastic band to secure loosly inserted notes. Furthermore there are samples of labels in the book that can be downloaded free of charge. So basically the owner himself makes this Journal into the most personal cookery book ever. It’s just perfect!

Download the factsheet with all specifications Download the factsheet with all specifications

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La cucina verde

La cucina verde

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La cucina mia!

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Larissa Bertonasco

Born in Heilbronn in 1972, Larissa Bertonasco studied Italian and Art History in Siena and Hamburg, and later on Illustration in Hamburg. She now works as a freelance artist and illustrator, for magazines, publishers, and in advertising. She lives in Hamburg with her family.

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