I’ll do my own Cooking today!

Of course all children have their favourite dishes, but have you ever cooked them yourselves? I, for one, simply love Spaghetti Bolognese! Home-made, of course, not from the tin! Try for yourselves, it’s lots of fun!
Yours truly Tim

Cooking is like doing conjuring tricks, building towers with building blocks or drawing pictures – Tim Mälzer is convinced that children should become passionate cooks at an early age. Which is why he gives his support to this book of tasty recipes assembled by Sylvi Egert. Children can prepare these dishes together with their parents, and you can trust they’ll have lots of fun!

Monkey Business, Snow Blizzard or Ratatouille Waltz – these are the funny names of some of the recipes in this book, which are complemented by Katharina Menke’s delightful illustrations. Tim Mälzer has contributed his favourite recipe and a foreword, encouraging the kids to play around with ingredients and dream up some wild ideas! Once those little cooking wizards and juggling bakers have cooked their first „magic soup“ or baked their first „Chocolat Cake à la Cockaigne“, they’ll be raring to go for an encore and enjoy cooking many a meal of their own.

Download the factsheet with all specifications Download the factsheet with all specifications
Heute koch ich selbst!

Further information

  • For cooking Wizards and juggling Bakers
  • With a foreword by Tim Mälzer
  • Pictures by Katharina Menke Edited by Sylvi Egert and Anke Erdmann.
  • All rights available.

Sylvi Egert

Originally Sylvi Egert, born in 1967, just wanted to support her daughter’s crèche in their efforts to provide healthy meals. So the trained photographer and art buyer got the idea to create a children’s cookery book. Her enthusiasm proved contagious, and she had little trouble enlisting the services of communication designer Anke Erdmann and illustrator Katharina Menke, both born in 1977. So between the three of them the concocted this wonderful kid’s cookery book (and obviously did not spoil the broth!). And they even managed to winkle a contribution out of Tim Mälzer – now that takes the cake!

Tim Mälzer

After completing his training as a cook, Tim Mälzer, born in Elmshorn in 1971, worked in London for a couple of years before opening his first restaurant in Hamburg in 2002. He rose to national fame as a cook on German television – his cookery books are million sellers. In 2009 he opened another restaurant in Hamburg’s Schanzenviertel district, called "Bullerei".

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