Cupcakes – For the best Festivals of the Year

Cupcakes are the undisputed champions of any coffee table. These tiny marvels of culinary craftsmanship enhance any food display and quite simply steal the show on their sturdier rival cakes and tarts. Bestselling cupcake suprema Katharina Saheicha has assembled 55 sophisticated recipes for the eleven foremost festivals of the year, and Stefanie Bartsch’s brillant photographs are bound to make your mouth water. A feast for the palate, and a sight for sore eyes!

In the States and in Australia cupcakes have long been a part of everyday life, but in Germany these aristocratic relatives of muffins are just beginning to enjoy a growing popularity. These tiny tartlets first came to prominence in Sex and the City, but they’re also a staple of other popular American soap operas.

What with their wide variety of toppings and a plethora of decorations, Katharina Saheicha’s breathtaking cupcakes for the most diverse occasions, are not just ever so fingerlicking tasty, but they’re also real eyecatchers, quite as suitable for party buffets, birthdays or Halloween, as they are as gifts for Mother’s Day or for a wedding. Unlike her colleagues from the States Katharina Saheicha spurns artificial colourings or aromas, using only natural ingredients. What’s more, her cupcake recipes are easy-as-pie, even I can do them!

Little effort – big result!

Download the factsheet with all specifications Download the factsheet with all specifications

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Katharina Saheicha

Katharina Saheicha is the author of the first German-language recipe book for cupcakes. A trained physicist, she hopes that her recipes will make the world a better place to live in., her blog, contains a regular column on cupcakes and suchlike.

Stefanie Bartsch

Stefanie Bartsch, a trained lithographer, has worked for eleven years as a graphic artist and photographer, focussing on designing gift books. She conceived the first German book on cupcakes in collaboration with her friend Katharina Saheicha.

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