Cooking is HiPP

We all know those little glass jars with baby food by the HiPP company. Baby food? A growing number of adults have come to appreciate the contents of these glass jars: Mothers and fathers, people who want to keep slim, and those who just like things to be handy. By now a third of the company’s output of baby food is consumed by adults! Taking up this trend Véronique Witzigmann has dreamed up a few wonderful recipes to „sex up“ the baby food.

You can’t really do wrong with those HiPP jars: It’s all bio food, easy to digest, and it keeps well. Those tasty broths, mueslis and fruit bars are guaranteed to be non-fattening, the ideal light snack between meals, held in high esteem by mothers, managers, artists and athletes alike. You can spread them on a slice of bread, turn them into soups, use them as fillings or bake them as truffles, preferably using fresh ingredients and seasoned to please an adult palate. A professing HiPP eater, Véronique Witzigmann has devised many simple and a few rather sophisticated recipes. It’s hip to eat HiPP. Incidentally, once those glass jars are empty, they can be turned to an amazing number of uses, Véronique Witzigmann tells us.

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  • Portrait photography by Helmut Henkensieffen
  • Food photography by Ariane Bille
  • All rights available.

Véronique Witzigmann

Born in Washington in 1970, Véronique Witzigmann is a succesful entrepreneur and author of cookery books – her love of cooking runs in the family. Véronique Witzigmann Buffet, her brand of fine foods was founded in 2005. It offers a choice of high quality jams, chutneys and pestos produced by herself. Her book "Meine Marmeladen" was awarded the Silver Medal of the Gastronomische Akademie Deutschland (Gastronomic Academy Germany) in 2007. She lives in Munich with her daughter.

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