Clever Cooking

Let’s cook!

For several years, the Berlin food Bank has been offering children’s cooking courses in a double-decker bus and a railway carriage. More than 10 000 children have jointly been cooking here. In this book you find their easy-to-follow recipes from all around the world. Bon appétit!

Pizza, pasta, burger – these classics are naturally not missing. But at the same time there are fancy and yet simple recipes such as pumpkin-coconut-orange soup that turned out as one of the children’s favourites in practice. Everything is described step-by-step and Kitty Kahane’s funny illustrations speak for themselves.

The book follows the course of the year so that small cooks learn which fruits and vegetable are in season. Over and above there are fabulous practical tips, for example how to grow herbs, how to prepare jam easily or how to carve a scary-creepy pumpkin head. And, at the very end, the book explains how a biogas plant works – and how you can build one at home and run it with food waste. Big fun!

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Further information

  • All rights available.
  • 64 pages, hardcover,
  • 17 x 22,5 cm, colour throughout

Kitty Kahane

Kitty Kahane, born in Berlin in 1960, trained at the talent factory in Berlin-Weißensee. She has designed and illustrated numerous books, as well as adorning textiles and china with her design, and is now one of Berlin’s best-known artists – an illustrator, designer, and painter.

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