Young Non-Fiction

Das Leporello-Buch: Wolkenkratzer

The Leporello Book: Skyscrapers – a whole Town inside a House

The five-foot wide poster accompanying the book shows an eighty-storey skyscraper. From its base to its slender tip, it rises to a height of almost 1200 foot. The book explains ...

Das Leporello-Buch: Die Burg

The Leporello Book: The Castle – where the Knights of old used to live

Along with the town it protects, the castle covers the entire length of a mountain ridge – that is five foot across on the fold-out poster. The book it accompanies ...

Das Leporello-Buch: Die Stadt

The Leporello Book: The City – a big Organism

A city is a living being, almost like a big animal: The houses form its skeleton, the streets are its arteries, the means of transport its blood, the telecommunication cables ...

Das Leporello-Buch: Tiefsee

The Leporello Book: The Deep Sea – the Mysteries of Marine Life

From the shallow seas with their aquatic plants and their shoals of fish, the five-foot high fold-out poster that comes with the book takes us to the deep-sea basins and ...

Das Leporellobuch: Der Wald

The Leporello Book: The Forest – a phantastic Ecosystem

Life in the forest, day and night, over the course of a whole year – it’s all here on view, on a concertina poster five foot wide, that comes with ...

Das Leporello-Buch: Der Berg

The Leporello Book: The Mountain – from Dale to Mountain Top

The concertina poster accompanying the book shows you what it’s all about: A mountain in the Alps, rising from a densely-populated valley to the realm of eternal ice, about 4000 ...


What weather

In each language we know sayings such as: An evening red and a morning grey, two sure signs of one fair day. If it rains before seven, ’twill cease before ...

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