Young Fiction



Merjem broaches the issues of deportation and asylum in a story of crime and friendship, suspenseful and with a lot of heart – in a realistic yet funny way, it ...

Der Käptn und die Mimi Kätt

Mimi Kätt and the Captain: A Winter Fairy Tale

So cold! And so much snow! Mimi Kätt, a snow-white lady cat who is young at heart, doesn’t feel like leaving her flat at all. But then she discovers an ...

Paula und die Nacht im Papiergebirge

Paula and a Night at the old Paper Factory

Paula is fed up. While her mother is busy enjoying a spontaneous trip to Berlin, she is stuck in snore-ville with her boring old father. At least he has promised ...

Rettet Raffi!

Saving Raffi

Sammy’s pet is a very special hamster called Raffi – not only can he score goals, but also sniff out smuggled goods. One day, however, the dearly-beloved pet has disappeared. ...

Das Krokodil im Silbersee

The Crocodile in Silver Pond

This is going to be one hell of a boring holiday! That’s Marco’s first reaction when his journalist mother tells him that the two of them are going to test ...

Im Garten des Schneemenschen

The Garden of the Yeti

A new adventure for the Hidden Society Magically dowered people, a secret supersonic aircraft powered by olive oil, the tribe of the Shenanigans, an albino spy and three very quirky ...

Cover Nanis und Libelle Bd II.indd

The Nanis and the black dragon-fly

Second volume of the Nani-Saga: Nanis and human beings face each other. Will the Nanis survive? Since the emergence of the shining stone, the Nanis can't get rid of the ...


The Nanis and the flickering Stone

The peaceful world of nanis falls apart through a mysterious stone - the beginning of the fantastic adventures of Prince Alwin and Merline Prince Alwin, son of the mighty great ...

Der Mops im Container

The Pug in the Container

Marco’s and Anne’s second adventure takes us to Hamburg. The twosome discovers a protection racket... and it’s a pug that puts them on the right track! What with Werner Färber’s ...

Und dann kam Sunny

Then there was Sunny

When new pupil Sunny joins her class, Kinneret’s well-ordered life takes a turn. Sunny is so utterly... different. Then this shady character turns up who peddles drugs right next to ...

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