Just fancy, the Frog’s been taken ill

Many nursery rhymes are about animals – in the magic world of children there is but a small difference between animals and humans. Katrin Stangl has created some magnificent illustrations for some of the most beautiful of these nursery rhymes, pictures of animals that carry her trademark colour planes: cat and mouse, hare and hedgehog, bear and elephant, stork and fox, and many others besides.

Nursery rhymes take us back to the original source of all poetry, the magic world of long since vanished epochs of culture and long-gone childhoods. In this primitive kind of poetry animals and humans still meet as equals – and why shouldn’t they, seeing they keep exchanging their rôles all the time. Katrin Stangl’s pictures, reminiscent of folk art, manage to breathe fresh life into these rhymes, they make the world feel young again.

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Denkt euch nur, der Frosch ist krank

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Katrin Stangl

Katrin Stangl, born in 1977, studied Graphic Art and Book Art in Leipzig. Using a wide variety of techniques she illustrates her own texts as well as those of other authors. Her graphic prints and her illustrations have reaped numerous awards. She lives in Cologne with her family.

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