Glove Puppets

No matter whether it’s Kasperl, Kaschberle, Chasperli, Harlequin, Punch or Punchinello: They’ve all gathered in this book to delight us with their buffoonery – culled from life by a true artist’s sleight of hand.

For this book Wolfgang Till, director of Munich’s Stadtmuseum for many years, and illustrator Volker Pfüller have assembled the greatest glove puppets from all over the world. And they haven’t pulled their Punches, either: You’ll also find the wicked witch and the magician, the crocodile, the highwayman and the policeman, the grim reaper and the devil. So come right in! Come right in!

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Volker Pfüller

Volker Pfüller was born in 1939. Since 1962 he has variously worked as a draughtsman, graphic artist, illustrator, poster artist and set designer. From 1992 to 1997 he held a chair for set design at the Kunsthochschule in Berlin, followed by a chair for illustration at the Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig. His pictures and illustrations can be admired in many exhibitions. Volker Pfüller lives in Berlin.

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